The Problem We All Live With: A Conversation on Contemporary Racism addresses the cultural mythology of luck and misfortune within the context of the daily impact of class, race, lineage, privilege, and natural-born ability on a person’s life. It’s important to distinguish luck from privilege as many factors that seem like luck are, in reality,  just a form of privilege. When witnessing racism (either overt or subtle) an ability to name it, withdraw oneself from the act and become an ally with the target of a racial attack is extremely empowering and the first step to breaking down racial hierarchy in the United States.  People do not have to be passive participants in an unjust racial system, but can create a racial reality in which everyone belongs. Racist ideals, laws, social hierarchies, and traditions cannot prosper when people resist them and deconstruct them as empty ideas. Talking about race and racism works directly against silence and colorblindness and over time breaks down our deep-rooted status quo.